Stories/Jose Ibarra

  • Jose Ibarra

    Thermo Rock band singer. Writer. Fitness Enthusiast.

    “Everything started five years ago when I was 221lbs. I used to smoke a carten of cigarettes every day, and I drank a lot. I was sedentary and as an artist and always under heavy stress, which led me to have anxiety attacks. Well, you can imagine, I was a living time bomb.
    I had terrible knee and back pain, poor circulation, breathing difficulties, and the worst digestion, acid reflux, bloating, and constipation daily.
    I started doing CrossFit and changing my eating habits. It’s incredible how much modifying habits can change everything. I started to feel clean, satisfied, and at peace knowing I was taking charge of my own body.
    Exercising and eating mindfully changed not only my body but my outlook on life. It seriously changed my mentality. I am more disciplined. I cope better with stress. Without a doubt, this was a life-changing experience.
    Thank you so much, Andrea.”

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