Stories/Jonathan Merchan

  • Jonathan Merchan

    Strongman. Ex-Barcelona American Football Player. Personal Trainer. Ecuador


    “I don’t even know how to describe how much you have helped me to change my lifestyle. I am profoundly grateful, and I DON’T EVER WANT TO GO BACK. I don’t see any other way of living now as a professional athlete. I have so many goals, and eating mindfully has been crucial for my career and personal life.
    I never imagined how changing my eating habits would impact my life so strongly. Not only did it change my performance, it gave me a clearer mind and shifted my priorities. And it is even more crucial in the fitness world I live in, where I always want to defy my limits. I love feeling stronger, training harder, and having the stamina and mood to break my own records and goals.
    It changed my LIFE. I now respect and listen to my body and I know how to choose my food wisely and spread wellness. For me, that is Amani Wellness: learn always and share health with others.”

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